Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mala Yoga

     Yoga class today at Mala Yoga for the first time!

 It was a really awesome class.  I had a really great time!  The teacher, Christina, was really awesome.  I had a few minutes before the class to talk to her and so she really knew where I was coming from as far as my abilities go. She took lots of time to help make sure I was doing well.  I did this really crazy looking stretch that felt so good in my quads and I wish I'd known it sooner.  It looked like this (I pulled this picture straight from Mala's website, it isn't mine):

     I had a blanket under my knee against the wall and I had to use blocks to help hold myself up too.  Using the blocks really helped a lot with other stuff too, stuff I didn't even know bothered me.  Having the blocks under my knees when I crossed my legs made a huge difference! I didn't feel pulling though my knee which I had just assumed was how it felt.  

     I grabbed a beginner class pack from Mala.  3 classes for $30 and it expires in one month.  Not a bad deal.  I'm glad to have something new to look forward too and hope that I will get to try out the class they have that I really want to take which is Yoga for Runners!  So awesome.  


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  1. That looks like a great stretch! Thanks for sharing :)

    I love the colors you wore to work out in! Bright and cheery!