Monday, June 3, 2013

Weigh in Day 447

155.8 lbs
+2.4 lbs from Tuesday
48.5 lbs total loss
That shit is not pretty. I'm not even going to play. I am not even off my game I am flat out not playing. It's really starting to show and I can feel it.  I have been drinking too much coffee and not enough water, being careless about what I am eating and not working out at all. I was not expecting a loss but this is a big gain.  My period started about three days ago and that usually accounts for some fluctuation but really this isn't ok.  I pushed my self back up under 50 lbs lost. Eww.  

This requires some work rededication and setting some new goals.   I'm thinking I may be self sabotaging as next week is the week that I am supposed to hit my original goal of 74 lbs lost and be at 130 lbs.  I need to get straight with my integrity and repromise some stuff.  

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  1. you are sounding harsh on yourself... you have come so far... But I know what you mean...It's hard...especially when you have been doing this for as long as we have and you are still struggling and there are still things that are holding you back that you know you can change... but keep on going...the biggest thing even above the weight loss is the fact that we have never given up and we keep on going.. xxx