Monday, June 10, 2013

Weigh in - Day 453

156 lbs
+0.2 lbs from last week
48.3 lbs total loss
Up again this week.  I didn't work out at all.  Very expected.  Something is still missing for me and I'm still not sure what it is.  I'm not wallowing  more just wondering.  Every day I consider working out some and every day I dismiss it because I don't want to be in pain from it.  Muscle pain is one thing but I'm not over my knee yet.  I need to see another specialist.  There has to be other ways, something more active then get orthotics.  There has to be something that makes me knee stop hurting.  

Today I did a 4 mile walk in Prospect Park.  It was the Get Your Rear in Gear run/walk for Colon Cancer.  A friend from growing up was diagnosed 2 years ago.  He has since beat cancer's sorry ass but we continue to raise awareness and funds for research and outreach.  I finished in 01:09:05.  Not too bad considering I've hardly moved in months.  It was a beautiful day in the park for the walk.  

I've iced my knee, had tons of water and took a bath to soak my muscles when I first got home.  I'm hoping with a few ibuprofen right before bed that I won't be too much of a mess for my shift tomorrow.  



  1. Why are you avoiding orthotics? They work. Many professional and Olympic athletes use them as us regular people. When you have structural misalignments like most of us do, they assist and support ease of movement. I iced 3-5 times a day when I had my knee injury alternating moist heat with ice massage. I also did specific core, and quad muscles to develop my strength and support my knee. It worked. (when I was running)

    1. I don't want to use orthotics because I feel like they are a last resort and nothing else has been given as an option yet. People who have been running for longer than I have and Olympic Athletes have been to see may specialists and trained in lots of different ways. When nothing else has the structural misalignments managed then they get orthotics. I didn't have any other options laid out for me and that doesn't work for me. I'm going to do more research and see more specialists to make the most informed decision that I can.

  2. Thank you again for coming out yesterday. It was so great to see you. Feel good, sister. For the record, I can't move from yesterday and my toes are still numb....LOL. I'm old.

  3. I just recently went through that "What's wrong with me?" stage where I felt gross and wasn't working out and was just having a hard time of it. I tried different things to try and "kick-start" myself but none really stuck. I was playing the blame game and coming up with all kinds of excuses. Finally it just passed. I didn't do anything different, I just decided one day it was time to start riding my exercise bike again. I guess I just snapped out of it ... I think we all go through the downs. Give yourself time to come back up. I think it will happen. And just don't give up on trying new things. We just bought the Total Gym and it is so smooth it doesn't hurt my knees or other joints (just my muscles - which is what I need). Anyway, keep it up, you'll get through this!

  4. Good luck! As long as you are not avoiding them due to money. They are a part of sports 'equipment' that payout in the long run as you avoid injury and get to do what you injury free and stay active.