Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weigh in - Day 467

152.8 lbs
-2 lbs from last week
51.5 lbs total loss

That is just really wonderful!  My first consistent loss since March.  I am about 5 lbs away from having and Overweight BMI vs Obese, which is what I have currently.  Why is that so awesome you ask.  It's another drop in health risks.  So cool.

I had 3 solid work out days this week with 2 modified Insanity workouts and one day at Mala Yoga. I had some not so responsible food days this week which I though were going to throw my results. One day was an emotional fuck all eating day. I was mad at nothing and said a big f you to myself. I ate when I wasn't hungry, got mad when I was full and decide oh well, better just eat some more. When I get like that it's been impossible to shake myself from the hold of what ever has me. I get depressed, cranky and hungry and it's cyclical. Those funks take time to get out of and can last for days sometimes. 

I was also sick this week. Starting Thursday night I felt dry and had a tickle in my throat. Friday more sore throat, sneezy, congested. Saturday I called out of work. I was tired and achy plus all the other stuff. Today was a bit better but not really. I'm glad I don't have work again tomorrow so I can take one more day to rest and get that shit out of my system. 

This coming week the plan is to get in another class at Mala and at least 2 other work out days. 

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