Thursday, July 4, 2013

478 - check in

Before I even get into what I was going to talk about I have to give a shout out to my girl Katherine Austin.  
Katherine is a fellow weight loss blogger in the UK.  We found each other a few months back and I just have to say that Katherine, knowing you and being your friend is amazing.  As you might imagine, she and I have never met.  The support and cheering that comes from her never seizes to amaze me.  

It's easy to forget that when you blog, the whole world can see you.  You have a home base cheering squad but there are other like Katherine, BEE, Safire Big Mama T and LuckyEight16 that can really make a difference.   Some are friends, some friends of friends and others are strangers that seem like they get you more than your friends.  I really don't know how to explain it but it is amazing.

The update that I was going to post before I saw the amazing comment from KA that spawened the rest of this post was that I had my 2nd class at Mala Yoga and it was amazing.  An hour and a half of basic yoga and I was in love.  I can already feel it in my body everywhere, tomorrow I know it will be more so.  I felt good and strong and the teacher was amazing.  I swear if more places were like Mala, more people would do yoga.  For realz.

OK, bed time. 
Full shift tomorrow! 
Time and a half! 


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  1. Omg....I just read this....( have been awol due to work) ...thank you so much for such an amazing thing to say... right back at you! xxxxxxxxxxx