Friday, July 12, 2013


Had a great and productive day today.
 I also feel like I straightened out my sleep schedule which is great, one day recovery for an over night isn't bad at all.  I slept in just a bit then made some food, watched some tv then headed out to the gym.  I got in a good half hour on the elliptical doing both forward and backward pedaling.  The backwards was tough on my quads, oh man.  It was good though.  I showered the ick off of myself at the gym then headed out to Old Nave to get some long pants for my trip to Iceland.  I got a pair and ran into a friend from HS!  We chatted briefly and made tentative plans to go to the beach next week, YAY!

Once home I ate again and showered for realzies and headed back out to the Uniqlo in Herald Square to get one of their light down vests, also for my trip.  29 MORE DAYS!  AHHH!!  From there I went to my seminar [where I saw Andrea Fischman who is a friend and was the photographer at my wedding!!  xoxo her] and now I am home.

Tomorrow I'm working 2 - 5 hour shifts at work so it's going to be a long day but it will help make my paycheck happy.  Tomorrow may be my first late night gym visit.  Coolness.  

Now bedness.  


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