Sunday, July 14, 2013

488 - weigh in

154.8 lbs
+0.6 lbs from last week
49.5 lbs total loss

Not gonna lie, not what I expected.  I was a bit thrown to find that this was a maintenance week and not a loss week.  I worked out had this week but I did consume more so this week didn't balance out the way I had hoped.  In order to keep my self in check throwing in the towel I went to the other facts that I have about my progress: measurements and photos.  

Click above on the Body Stats tab and then again to the Measurements.  I've been shrinking. 10 inches gone from my waist.  

Photos.  I gave up doing them for a while because I was in a mood [for months] about my lack of progress.  I took pictures today and while uploading them to my dropbox account I saw the ones from when I began, from March and April last year.  I was stunned.  Even now as I sit here at my computer I cannot believe the progress.  The progress of 488 days.  There have been dips and tumbles but holy shit my work has been paying off.  

I'm going to share some photos, ones I haven't shared before, but I really think it's time.  At one year I shared a side by side and today I have the updated version of that.  I also have side and back side-by-side shots that are really something else.   [for those of you that don't know, due to me not keeping my act in order, all photos from March 2012 were lost save for the one so the rest are from April 2012]




Holyohmygodwow!  That's something else man.  I. dig. it.

Here's to a great week all!



  1. that is amazing...! Well done! xxx

  2. Holy shit Dens, that is a crazzyy difference!!!