Thursday, July 18, 2013


I have been MIA all week on this blog and I couldn't tell you why.
 I have been to the gym doing my thing and eating really well.   

Something is up with me though, I'm just not quite sure what yet.  I went to the doc the other day because I thought I may have a UTI.  I had all the symptoms; having to pee like all the time and pain in all the right places.  In the office the test was negative but the doc said there was a chance that because I had upped my water intake that I may have diluted any bacteria so he'd send my pee off to be tested in  a lab.  We started antibiotics anyway, thinking that the results would probably come back positive.  I started the antibiotics the next day and did start to feel better.  The day after that, doc called to say no bactiria in my urine.  It's not an infection.  Then wtf is this pain and having to pee all the time thing??  Then he said what I hoped he wouldn't.  It may be a small kidney stone causing the discomfort and constant need to pee.  Ugh.  Weren't 4 in college enough, for like a life time?  Doc said I could keep with the antibiotics to see if they seemed to help but that if they didn't that I should stop taking them and make another appointment.  Boooo.  I probably head back there tomorrow or Monday to follow up and see what's what.  

The one good thing that came with this were the restrictions on my diet because of the meds.  No booze, no caffeine and no dairy (save for the yogurt I took my antibiotics with.)  The first day was awful, headache and fatigue like you wouldn't believe but I have been fine since.  Probably because I've been drinking so much water and flushing my system like made.  I was lenient on the dairy thing but only a little.  I had a tiny bit of goat cheese on a wrap and the 2 small cheese wedges that come in a Starbucks Protein Box.  Not so bad.  I feel a lot better not drinking coffee.  I don't get as hungry in the day.  

Well I'm pooped from the gym.  Time for bed!  

21 days to Iceland!


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