Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday 528 update

Since Monday I've worked out every day and today is a much earned rest day.
 Trained is probably the better word.  I began training for a half marathon.  I am following the No Meat Athlete Half Marathon Roadmap.  I've committed to running a half marathon as a vegetarian, not a pescatarian, which is basically what I've been for at least a year now.  So I am working on fully kicking fish [at least while I am training for the next few months] and getting back to training for something and having a real goal.  The plan says that it's not intended for you to loose weight on and that you may even gain some since you are really building muscle so I will be relying heavily on measurements and how I feel for a while if that is the case.  I will still weigh in once a week but will be more diligent about getting in those once a month measurements.

I haven't picked a race yet.  The roadmap is about 4 months worth or training and because of my injury I almost want to give myself 6 months, but that lands me in the dead middle of winter, so we shall see.  I've tossed the idea around of running the half Marathon for my birthday in February, but I'd have to travel for that and I really would like to have family around to support me.  

I've been doing most of my run training on the elliptical to keep the impact to a minimum.  I did just shy of 2 miles on the treadmill the other day and it wasn't so bad.  I've been doing some basic strength training but nothing to heavy.  I really do need to work in yoga, stretching and something new to me: foam rolling, to help with really releasing tense spots in muscles.  I hope to pick up a foam roller for the beginning of next week because I can already feel the need for it.  

I'll won't be home Sunday morning so I will be weighing in again on Monday morning.  

Here is the training breakdown I've done so far this week & what's left:
Monday: 5 miles on the elliptical [nothing to do with the plan, just did]
Tuesday:  1.75 miles on the treadmill [should have been 2]
Wednesday:  10 minute elliptical warm up, stretching & weight training
Thursday: 3 miles on the elliptical
Friday:  Rest Day
Saturday:  4 miles

Sunday:  Stretch/Cross Train

I'm already pretty sure I will be repeating this week.  Saturday I have the opportunity to run on a trail and I'm excited to give that a very slow, easy try.  If I really take my time I can probably do that in just around an hour and be left feeling pretty ok.  

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