Monday, August 26, 2013

Weigh in & Weekend Recap

154.4 lbs

That's a pound up from last week.
I'm shocked and I'm not all at once. Also, though I said weight loss wasn't my primary goal anymore it's hard to not have that feeling of sadness creep up seeing a gain. Last week calorie intake was up with an drastic increase of activity so of course the scale went up. I also had a ton of carbs this week that I'm sure my body is like "Wait... Do I hold on to these or burn them? I don't remember. Oh well, lemmie just hang onto them fr now."

This weekend my plan had been to head out to PA to help my gf from college [who was also a bridesmaid in my wedding] move but my finances from Iceland haven't recovered yet. I'm so mad I couldn't go but we've made tentative plans for me to go up in a few weeks once I'm back on my feet. Instead N and I hopped in the car with Alx to do some climbing at the Gunks and camping at his family's campground. I planned on trail running my 4 miler long run but there weren't 4 miles of non-technical trail so I only got in 2 miles of jogging and walking. Since that didn't take much time I managed to get in a climb myself.  It felt great to get up on the rocks. Made me miss it and also realize I do have a lot of leg strength that I need to build. I'm calves are super strong but my quads and hamstrings just don't have it. I'll try to focus on them a bit this week for my cross training days. 

This week I am redoing my week one training since I didn't get anywhere close to my long run. 

I'll hit the gym once I'm out of work today. Then it is a much needed laundry night. N and I have also begun the process of reorganizing, redecorating and refurnishing our apartment. Last night we tackled our bedroom closet and the hall closet. Baby steps. 

Here is a photo N snapped of me climbing in my running clothes. I'm itty bitty but luckily all my clothes are super bright. 


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  1. I couldn't see you in that photo until I really looked! Super cool.

    Good luck with everything and have a fantastic week.