Tuesday, September 17, 2013

tuesday 9.17.13

After work today I headed to the financial district to swing by the Girls on the Run office to pick up all of the supplies for my site this season - three bags of water bottles, course materials and journals for the girls.
 I'm really so excited!  We also did a run together, there were 5 coaches that could hang out and run.  It was really beautiful, we went out to battery park, over to the water and then up the west side of the island a little, really, really beautiful.  

The run for me was super hard, in the beginning I almost cried quite a few times because the other 4 women that were there were much better runners than I am, some with marathons under their belt.  I fought so hard against what was going on in my head since I was running so much slower than they all were but I made it.  I felt bad that I couldn't really talk while we were running because I was so out of breath and I really had to focus to keep going.  What I kept saying to myself over and over again was that this is exactly why I am doing this program.  Girls need to know that it doesn't have anything to do with being 'best' or 'fastest' all that matters is that it works for you and that you are happy and you are healthy.  It was really hard to push myself to run for the entire half an hour but I did, there were only minor stops when we had to cross into the park or when we stopped at the turn around point to regroup.  
The other coaches were really awesome.  They were there to support me and checked in on me and more importantly it didn't really matter to them how slowly I ran, they just cared that I was running, moving, participating.  It was really quite the experience and I cannot wait to instill that in the 20 girls that I will get to work with over the course of this fall.  Expect many updates and life lessons learned. 

Food today:
Breakfast shake [with pumpkin!]
Starbucks Protein Pack
Starbucks Fruit & Cheese Pack
Half an egg salad sandwich
Cup of water
LOTS of frozen cranberries
Peanut butter
Seaweed Snacks
Bit of Mac & Cheese
Veggie Soup
Cup of water
Bites of rice & beans as I was cooking
Frozen Strawberry

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