Monday, September 16, 2013

weigh in & love

154.2 lbs

Can I tell you honestly, this late at night [in the morning] I really don't care one lick about the number that was on the scale this morning?  It's kind of great.  I know that this morning I "cared" but really, it isn't a big deal.  Over the past week 1) didn't work out 2) was super stresses and 3) ate like shit.  Like no kidding.  I had pizza and fast food [Maoz.]

Today I gave it all up, I gave up being stuck on the number and stuck on the bad food that I ate and just had a great day.  I had brunch [crab cake benedict was involved, but I'm over it,] a couple of cups of coffee, walked all the hell over the place, got in a 2 mile jog/walk and had the most delicious pumpkin beer of my life while making pumpkin pie spice flavoring for my coffee.  

I'd really lost sight of what I was after.  A life lived healthy and happy, full of fun and adventure where I wouldn't be stopped by being over weight or sick.  I've been caught up in weight and miles and pace and time spent in and out and thinking about the gym.

This week I am focusing on some better stuff that makes me feel good.  In no particular order:

  • Good food in.  Whole food, yummy stuff.  Eat stuff I made as much as I can. [including the pumpkin pie spice coffee flavor]
  • Have a good time working out.   Work out with friends when ever possible. Run out side when I can, running in the fall is magical.  [tonight I ran along the water in DUMBO and it was so beautiful]
  • Read Harry Potter.  It's my first time reading all the way thorough the series and I have to say, there isn't much in the world right now that is more important to me than reading those books.
  • work hard, with all my heart.  I spend too much time at work to hate even one moment of it.  I'm lucky too, I adore what I do and the people I do it with. 
  • Get ready for Down and Dirty Mud Run or as it's referred to here, my O.W.L exam.  In addition to running I need to be able to jump, climb, dive and cast spells, charms, hexes and counter curses.  Bitch is gonna be and Auror.  
  • Drink pumpkin beer on Sunday's after a week well lived.  

Lastly, here is my beautiful new hair color!

::drops mic, walks off stage::

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