Sunday, September 1, 2013

weigh in

154.2 lbs  lowest weight to date
51.9 lbs total loss

Not to shabby, 2 pound weight loss in a week that i didn't do any work.  This was a very mental week for me and I didn't "feel" like doing anything.  I was active during the week but I was also very not active.  I had a few days off and didn't move at all, save for crocheting and putting on the next episode of NCIS.  lol

Any way, back on track.  Tonight N and I headed out to Prospect Park and walked and ran the loop, it was about 3.5 miles which was nice.  

I have a busy week this week with a few double shift days and a full shift tomorrow but I should get in some gym time and maybe another day jogging and walking out side.  

I'm adding a new tab to the blog, my Wish List.  It's stuff that I'd either like to own or try.  Some stuff will be super specific, other stuff will be generic.  It will mostly be fitness related but some of it may also just be for life.  Coolio.  


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