Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Down is down.  Whatever, lol.  Anywho-dle - today was AMAZING  

Today was the Down & Dirty Mud Run.  I was so nervous all last night and even this morning.  N and I hopped the train and go up there way faster than we could have hoped which was great, we were able to get our bearings and walk around a bit before my wave started at 11:45am.  I was so worried at first I was the slowest runner at the start, like I was last.  Last, last.  but I stuck with it.  I chose right then and there that it didn't matter how last I was, that I was going to run the entire event.  It wasn't long before I was catching up to and PASSING the people that had started out way faster than they were ready for.  

The event was just amazing.  The part that was just trail running were so beautiful and I found so much peace out there.  It was just me racing me.  So cool.  I also completed all of the obstacles.  There was water, mud, cargo nets, climbing walls and one section where you ran out on to the beach and then out into Pelham Bay which was GORGEOUS and then had to run back up the beach.  I did it all and N was there cheering me on the whole time.  He did close to as much running around as I did so that he could be there to root me on and get some photos.  

I'm quite banged up and may still have mud in my ears, it was worth every moment.  The best part?  My finishing time was 1:00:23!  STFU!  I usually do a regular 5k in about 45 minutes so that's only 15 more minutes to complete the 14 obstacles!  Which would also mean my running was a bit faster because I was not doing those obstacles in a minute.  

When we got back to Brooklyn the Atlantic Antic was all set up so we walked the length of it before heading home, me taking a shower and then taking about an hour nap.  To round out the night I touched up my hair as the orange had turned to a pale peach in most places.

What a Sunday.  I accomplished so much.  INCLUDING ~ signing up for 30 days of Bikram Yoga for $30 which I will start next Sunday.  I have no idea how it's going to go, if I'll love it or hate it but I know that I really want something to kick my butt, that's kind of my MO.

And to round it all out I've got just over 100 pages left to go in Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix.  Life, my dear readers, is so good.

Ready to get started.  Beautiful Pelham Bay behind me.

24' climb & slide

At the top of the monster climb!

water crawl

1st mud pit

rock wall

2nd mud pit and rounding to the finish line

so much mud!  feels like it's all in my eyes at this point

yay mud! 

top spot is where the run was - bottom spot is where N & I live

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  1. OMG... looks amazing! Huge well done and so much positivity. well done chica! Much love . xxxx