Tuesday, October 8, 2013

back & mouse

Back still hurts today.  I've been doing my best to stay stead on the ibuprofen.  The muscle relaxers help but all I want to do is sleep and heal.  I get really antsy not doing anything but then I get really tired when I move around even a little.  No yoga today but I did go to Girls on the Run.  Tuesday is just the head coach and myself and then Thursday we have a third coach with us.  I didn't want to leave the head coach on her own so I made the trip which took a bit longer than normal due to my slower walking speed.  After an hour and a half coaching I was done.  I've been relaxing at home but still feel like I get up too much since I want to be able to do more.  

My mood has been steady which is good.  I feel like a combo if the pain and the medication keep me super mellow.  

N and I also discovered that we have a mouse in out apartment.  N found a hole in the back of peanuts a while back, that was our first clue.  Our 2nd clue was that dude is a loud chewer.  We joked that if it would just clean up after itself and chew super quiet we would care if it stayed, lol.  Then we found some mouse poop and saw it once or twice.

Today we moved the fridge and discovered dude's stash of peanuts.  We clean it all up and sprayed a ton of cleaner in hopes that it'll deter dude from coming back.  If not we'll get a trap.  Ugh, I hate traps.  Stupid loud eating mouse.   

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