Monday, October 7, 2013

day late weigh in


I did weigh in yesterday I just missed blogging about it.  Yesterday I did Bikram for the first time and I really liked it though I did something I shouldn't have.  Namely, I laid down.  In yoga there is a pose, savasana or corpse pose, but I cannot do it.  I get an incredible pain in my lower back from it.  It takes many a bolster for me to be comfortable or I need to just lay on my side.  Anyway, I did savasana yesterday for longer than I should have and really caused myself some serious pain in my back.  I want to be super clear that this was no in anyway the fault of the Bikram, it was me being arrogant and not listening to my body, the Bikram was amazing.  

All last night I had a hell of a time getting around, walking was hard, sitting was hard, standing was hard, even laying down was kind of bad.  This morning I called out of work and I canceled my spot in my Bikram class.  N called out of work to make sure that took care of myself which made a huge difference.  In the after noon after I'd been laying around all day he had the idea that I try going for a walk and if it was ok then we could get some fruit at a local market and if I was in too much pain we'd head to the doctor.  I didn't take more than a block before I decided that the doctor was where I was headed.  I went to the Urgent Care place that I love by work and the doc there prescribed me a muscle relaxer and rest.  He also gave me a not for work, which was awesome.  

We hit the Walgreens on the way home and they initially quoted us an hour but after we sat down so I could take a break for a bit the pharmacist was like "Denise, are you in pain? Oh! Hold on I'll do yours right now."  Ugh.  So freaking awesome.  Once home I got comfy in some dry clothes [it was pouring out at this point] and took the muscle relaxer.  It's a strange feeling.  I don't feel stoned or drunk or gross like you do on narcotic pain relievers.  I feel generally loose on the inside.  Typing and stuff has been a hoot and so was making dinner [which I totally didn't have to make I was just super restless.]  Concentrating has also been an issue on these relaxers.  Cotton mouth and drowsiness are also hanging out with me.  

Tomorrow is GOTR practice and hopefully a Bikram at 11:30am.  The doc did give me the ok to go, just that I had to really modify my routine.  Totally ok by me.

That's my story.  

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