Sunday, October 13, 2013

weigh in & introduction

157 lbs

That is so incredible!  It's up from last week, less than a pound.  With all of the extra eating I did this week and my complete lack of movement due to injury I was expecting a way, way bigger gain.  

I really think I said most of what I wanted to for this week in my post from Friday.  The weekend was great.  I relaxed, got some things done and was able to get in some prep for this week including making BBQ Pulled Chicken for N in the crockpot yesterday and today making Coconut Curry Soup in the crockpot.  I am like a crazy person with this crockpot and I love it.  My freezer is slowly filling up with homemade, whole food deliciousness.  

That brings me to my introduction!  Ladies and gents, friends and fam to 204 and losing it, today I'd like to introduce you to 204 Eats!  This is an additional blog that I am beginning to be more related to the food that I eat and make.  There is a bunch of health stuff going on that relates directly to food, I've kind of seen it in myself but more so in my parents.  I can really see, since I am an outsider - the way that food really affects them.  I have friends too, that I have seen make changes to their diet and whoa, did things change.  On 204 Eats, which I will directly link to from this blog, I'll be posting recipes, talk more about what I am eating day to day and the way that it affects me.  I am considering also doing interviews with people that have made changes to their diet and the effects that it's had on them.  I don't really know, but it's going to be awesome.  The link is currently live but will not have content until this Wednesday.  204 Eats will be posted twice a week - probably Wednesdays and Saturdays, but maybe Mondays & Thursdays.

That's all for now!


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