Thursday, December 5, 2013


Woops!  Almost didn't post tonight.  
Still not fully back in the habit.  Anywho. Today has been an up and down day.  No work today.  Haircut in the morning and then last practice for Girls on the Run which was just a pizza party/poster making/game sech.  It was touch on my emotionally because I think I was trying to block out how many emotions I really do have about this season being over.  I also found out that the girl who has been working the hardest and over coming the most is not going to be at the 5k.  No parent will go with here.  They don't have to run, they just need to get on the bus, sit in the stadium and then go home with her on the bus.  That's it.  But because they won't do that she cannot go and I am so afraid that it will all be for nothing.  I'm really so sad about her not going I can hardly stand it.  I feel like the program wont have the full impact because she won't get to complete the 5k.  I hugged her so hard and told her how proud I was of her for everything she did.  

I gave all the girls index cards with notes on them that I wrote telling them how fun they made the program and how I think they all embody a girl on the run and that I know how much they are capaable of if they just keep being them.  That was what I thanked them for most, being themselves.  I'm going to miss them so much and can only hope that I made some difference so they won't have to grow up thinking that they aren't any good just because of one thing or another.  That if they just keep going little by little they will always finish.

Fuck.  Now I'm crying.

I totally ate my feelings again tonight.  No bueno.

Tomorrow is Spa Castle day with MB.  I cannot wait.  I really need it and a good long time to talk about life and books and marriage and nerdy things.  xoxo MB, cannot wait.

xoxo errbody else 

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