Monday, December 2, 2013


Today was really awesome.  I took lots of notes though out my day about stuff that I want to write about here and on 204Eats.  I've picked up some freelance work and I can already feel that with that, how many hours I am looking at at the store and taking on health & wellbeing again that I am more focused.  I need more time to decompress and collect my self too which can take a while but focus is good.  N has a project that he has taken on too, so there will be lots of planning and scheduling and managing.  Love that.  Isn't it funny that some people are more productive and better at managing what they have to do when there is more to do?  I have the day off from the store tomorrow, Girls on the Run  in the early afternoon by my schedule is packed!  I love the idea of getting work done, having the tv on in the background and cranking out what needs to be done.  Including taking care of my self.

Today I did one circuit from the 3 circuit workout.  My knee is a little tight from running yesterday so I didn't want to push it.  But I did something, I was active.  Work for me is a like a workout too but doesn't seem to burn as many calories.  

Eating today was on par save for the fact that I ate out all day.  I had no food with me at all which sucked.  I'm super lucky that there are great healthy options super close to work but my monies are better spent on other things.  I need to tackle meal planning again.  Get some good stuff made in the crockpot.  Overnight tonight we are making Shredded Pineapple BBQ Chicken for N to have.  I need a great lentil something or other for myself, filling and really tasty.  Hit me up if you have any ideas.

Ok lovelies, day 2 of 31 day blog challenge in the bag.

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