Sunday, December 1, 2013

159.8 lbs

And guess what?  It doesn't mean a thing.I knew that when I hopped on the scale this morning that I was going to be up.  Way up.  I haven't worked out a lick and I ate things that I knew I shouldn't and I had a lot of them.  I did pretty ok on Thanksgiving.  Black Friday was another question.  Lots of coffee all food I did not prepare my self and lots and lots of pasta from Carmines.  Work catered lunch/dinner for everyone and they got us Carmines.  Holy oh man it was delicious but I know that I shouldn't eat pasta.  Especially not ziti, I have a weakness for ziti.  (My Aunt NS's is my favorite by far) But the vegetarian option from Carmines was ziti and also bread.  Focaccia bread.  Oh my.  I think you get the point, I went over board.

I figured it was time I get my weight out in the open again.  Shout it out because the number doesn't mean anything about me.  

My clothes still fit really well, I am in a size medium though large and my body can do all of the things that I ask it too.  I have be so stuck in the number as if it meant that I was doing so bad.  "Look at me I'm awful, my weight has hardly changed all year, ugh!"  When what I should have been saying is "Holy crap!  My weight has hardly changed this year!  That's amazing!"  I cannot tell you if that has happened in my life.  I have been putting weight on steadily every year my entire life and for the first time ever I have maintained my weight.  

More importantly if I want to start seeing results again I need to get back to doing the things that produce results.  You know, like working out.  So this week the plan is to get in 5 days.  I started today.  I jogged and walked for about 30 minutes.  

These next few weeks are going to BUSY.  I will be pulling full time hours as we move through December.  I would also like to think that I am training for something.  In addition to the Girls on the Run 5k this coming Sunday (How can it already be SUNDAY?!!?) N and I are running the New Year's run in Prospect Park again.  It was a big upset for me last year.  Since I had just gotten hurt I was hardly able to run and it took a while to complete.  This year I am aiming to cross the finish line as the fireworks go off which would be around 45 minutes.  

There was a great article over at No Meat Athlete about how New Year's is arbitrary and that you can start over any time and how he likes to get the ball rolling in December so I am going to take a page putt of Matt's book and just go for that. While it is arbitrary, I do want to start 2014 strong.  I mean, heck, I'll be 30 in February.  I have already been laying out plans for how I want to up the game on my reading challenge for next year (this year I wanted to read 24 books and I am about half way through book 25!) so I should start laying some ground work for things I would like to accomplish over the next year-ish or so.  Long term goals, short term goals and side quests to follow.

Expect more.  I know I need to.  I'm coming back.  Slowly.  Kicking and screaming but I am coming back.  If I don't write something, even if it's posting that I don't want to write anything, call me out.  Starting today I will write every day in December.  31 day blog challenge…  GO!


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