Sunday, December 15, 2013


I still got on the scale this morning. I figured why not. I mean more then anything now I get the meaninglessness of the number. 

The days are actually going by ok. I'm in the most pain right when I wake up. Then I spend a few hours with just ibuprofen for the pain. My appetite has been small which has been good. My body wants good and the as soon as it doesn't anymore I loose my taste for it. I've been drinking lots of water. 

A few bruises have popped up over the past few days but nothing major. 

Today I ventured out of the house with N. We walked out to our Pathmark to get some easy to open food for me. I was doing well, walking slow and checking oncoming traffic like mad, until we were crossing Atlantic Ave and a passing car honked their horn. I began to cry on the spot. It took only a minute to collect myself but it was rough, really surprised even me. In the Pathmark I was nervous of everyone walking around and following close but I made it through without freaking out. I was glad to be there and back before dark. 

Once home it was time to eat again and have a Vicodin & a nap. I slept well but felt restless. 

After wrapping up my arm I tried a new way of baithing. I sat in the tub with the water running and used a pitcher to wet/rinse myself. It felt way more productive then just sitting in a regular full bath. I even managed to shave which felt like a major accomplishment. 

N goes back to work tomorrow but so far I have people lined up to be with me thus week. Alx is coming tomorrow & I'll be heading to acupuncture AJ from work is coming Tuesday and Wednesday Mo will be here to come to my Ortho appointment. 

I think I might be getting a cold but in hoping that's just a passing thing. 

Oh I could wiggle the fingers on my left hand a bunch too. That always makes me smile. 

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