Sunday, December 8, 2013

161.6lbs & Girls on the Run 5K

I accidentally posted Friday's post about Spa Castle to 204 Eats, but I copied it and posted here so please go take a look at that post.

Yesterday I totally missed posting.  That's on me, just being brain dead and not present to what I said I was going to do, my bad.   

Today was the Girls on the Run 5k!  Ugh!  I don't even know how to describe the feelings I was feeling.  Even before I was at the event, I was crying in Starbucks, unready to have this be the day that I had to say good-bye to my girls.  They were so wonderful today, they all worked so hard!  They encouraged each other and all did their absolute best.  

I still don't think it's sunk in yet.  The impact I've had on them, the impact they've had on me and the fact that the season is over.  I love these girls so much.  Look at them so hyped to warm up and get ready to go!
doing warm ups!
 One of the clearer group shots, it was so cold but everyone was in such great spirits!
group shot before they hit the track!
After the run was over I hugged each girl and told her how proud I was of her.  Collectively they all gave each of the coaches flowers and they all made all of us cards.  They just melt my heart!

Here are some of the cards that I got.  A few of my girls have english as a second language which makes the cards even more amazing that they worked so hard on them.  
my pretty flowers 

I love that she thanked me for the card that I wrote to her!

"I wish you always to working for girls on the run
because you are an amazing teacher. Thank you got all the help. -R"

AHHH!!  I will *ALWAYS* remember these girls!

"Coach Denise We have fun with you
I like your  hair it is orange
I am go to miss you and have fun
 Are you going to do this again
I wish you came
I will see you again if come to P.S. 130"

love these squishy letters and that face!!

Have you ever seen anything so wonderful?  These are just a small sample of the cards.  TB [their gym teacher that is with us at the school] let me know that there are still a few more cards to come.  

So much love.
So much pride. 

and I weighed in at 161.6 lbs, heaviest I've been in a while, but who the fuck cares?  Those girls couldn't care one lick how much I weigh.  I should take a play from their book.


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