Saturday, December 14, 2013


Hey loves I'm sorry that I have been MIA. Wednesday evening after work I was walking home and was hit by a car. I have a broken wrist but am ok. Shaken mostly. Sore even more. 

I was in the cross walk, crossing with the light. The car that hit me was making a left onto the street I was crossing and had reduced visibility, I'm sure, due to another car having stopping in the cross walk. They stopped after the impact and stuck around. A stranger on the street stood between me and traffic and called 911 for me. 

My arm has been set, I'm in a cast and N has been taking incredible care of me. Next Wednesday I go to the orthopedic Surgen to find out how the bone is healing and if I'll need surgery. I've been taking Vicodin for the pain and ibuprofen for swelling. Lots of rest, icing and elevating. 

I'm going to need a lot of support over the coming months. I will ask for it when I need it but check in with me from time to time if you can. 

I cried tonight for the first time. I haven't cried once since the accident. Not even when I was hit. It all fell on me today when I sat down to pee at one point. I got a twinge in my wrist and began to weep. I got out of the rest room, told N I needed a hug and cried for what felt like 15 minutes. 

I'm so insanely lucky. I'm so thankful that I'm not dead and that those closest to me are some of the most amazing people on the planet. 

Thank you for reading. 
I love you. 

After having my arm set and put into a cast, about to have my 2nd set of X-rays. This smile brought to you by shock, morphine and me being awesome. 

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  1. Hope you heal and feel better very quickly.
    Love, Augie