Sunday, December 8, 2013

Spa Castle Day! [originally posted on 204 Eats by mistake!]

As to be expected, MB and I had an incredible time at Spa Castle.
So body positive and wonderful. There are parts of me that still struggle with my body, my food, working out, what I "should" do or be. Things like spa castle though really help me see differently. So many different body types, all unashamed to who they are.

The best was when MB and I were in the nude bathing area and there was this woman with her 2 children, a girl about 9 and a boy no more than a year. They were all so happy and comfortable with them selves and others. The baby was a total celebrity. He was so chill, calmed by the warm waters and relaxed people I am sure. The mom let a few other women hold him that asked and it was so wonderful watching women bond over this beautiful baby. We can be so catty and hyper critical of each other, especially when it comes to our bodies. MB and I feel in love at the though of this family growing up where body isn't an issue, it's just normal. That for both the daughter and son they don't have to grow up only seeing what the mainstream media has to say about our bodies, they can see live, different bodies and form their own opinions. Really cool.  

I went on Pinterest looking up some body positive stuff and this pic I the one I really love. I'm going to work on that for me. 

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