Tuesday, January 7, 2014

160.8 lbs & learning

Weight balanced out this week now that my period is about over. It's really awesome that my body just sorts it self out. 

While it's sucked having this broken wrist it's really been amazing watching my body sort itself out. It just continues to heal. My latest discovery in healing is that the fingernails on my left hand have not grown AT ALL since last week but the ones on my right hand have. It's so crazy! My body is like "sorry fingernails I need to send all those nutrients & protien someplace else, we healing over here." I just think that's miraculous. I've done minimal research on the matter but hope to learn more. 

I've done so much active learning since the accident. N and I have spent hours, days even, on YouTube consuming knowledge. Crash Couse, Sci Show Veritasium, Vsauce (one, two & three,) Brain Scoop, The PBS Idea Channel and so many others. 

I never thought I'd be someone who actively saught knowledge this way. I've always been curious and loved learning new things but over the past few months (this last one specifically) I've be really active in gathering knowledge. Science, physics, math, public health, literature, biology, really anything. You name it. 

Long way around to a question. What are you an expert in, what do you love? Science, maths, music, comics, history (world, art, natural, etc,) photography, yarn, ice I don't care. In addition to getting to know my friends & family better I want to know more about what they know and love. Message me or leave a comment about what you know, love and would like to teach me about. Let's make it happen! 

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