Wednesday, January 29, 2014

thoughts & videos on body image

As I've been spending tons of time home alone since I broke my wrist I've had so much time to catch up on shows, watch [and devour] new ones and spend a lot of time YouTube.  
YouTube has come such a long way.  Today I want to bring your attention to a few videos by Laci Green, she's one of my many YouTube heroes.  On her show Sex+ she addresses topics ranging though sexuality, relationships, gender, various cultures of shaming [homo, fat, slut, etc] but this video and then the playlist following have to do with body image.

I've been on a big journey over the past almost 2 years.  Something that started purely as losing weight turned into a much bigger adventure of finding self love.  I still am learning and sometimes I do falter but I feel like one of the biggest tools that I have, outside of myself, are people in the world like Laci Green.  

This video is about BMI [Body Mass Index] and why it may not be the most helpful tool when determining health in a person.  Those of us that blog in the health/weight loss section of the universe can put a lot of focus on the numbers.  When I am reminded of taking the power away from the numbers, scales, indexes and imposed ideas of health and beauty is when I am happiest and most in love with myself.

No kidding, I want to grow up to be her [even though I think she's younger than I am.]  Body image for men and women is a BIG DEAL.  If you liked this video I really suggest you check out and subscribe to her channel, Sex+.  If you want to see more on just this topic, here is a link to the Body Image playlist I am currently working my way through.  I've seen some of the videos previously but like watching them again inside of the context of the playlist, it really gets me fueled up and thinking critically.

Another thing it does is make me thankful for those in my life that are supportive of me, regardless of weight.  Those that care more for my thoughts and actions then the way I look.  You guys are all rock stars and I love you dearly.


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