Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why I shaved my head

I've gotten a lot of questions as to why I shaved my head so I wanted to explain.

The reason I saved my head is: just 'cause. because I felt like it. I've wanted to since i was 14. I'm challenging beauty standards. I'm crazy. because f*ck you that's why. Why does anyone do anything? because I love you that's why. for attention. impulse. thought out. Honoring myself.  bald is beautiful. 
guts. reasons. fear. i got hit by a car and life changed. what matters changed. I could. Why does it matter? It's soap on a window. Love.   It's just hair,  it grows back.  I shaved my head because I shaved my head.

Your opinion on the matter reflects on you, not me.

That's not a dig and I really hope you can get that.  We all feel different ways about different situations and circumstances and ideas.  We form opinions on others and then hold it like they are the reason that we have those opinions but that isn't the case.  The opinions are ours and ours alone.  Remember that they are just opinions, good bad or indifferent.  I shaved my head and the world kept going, babies were born, people died and so on.  Hardly a blip on the radar of things worth considering.  Go out and love, do things that scare you, do things that make you happy.  When others ask you why, tell them what ever you want - they've already made up their own reasons and that's fine!  

Clearly you love me in some way shape or form if you're reading this and I love you right back, so hard! 

::God, when will she just start writing about losing weight again? Ugh.::

Who knows?


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