Sunday, February 9, 2014

165.4 and so much love

What a week it has been! On Thursday I turned 30 and I have been out more this week then any other time since the accident. Healing is a slow process but I know that my body is doing what it's designed to do. I'm so in love with the science behind the healing process and even more so in love with who I've let myself and those around me be. I've given my self and others incredible room to be really incredible loving and full humans. 

Yesterday I spent a relaxing and adventurous and classy day with some really outstanding, talented and brilliant people. I have seldom expirienced more love in one day then I did yesterday, it pulled a close 2nd to the day I got married. 

I'll post tomorrow with the details and photos. 

Know that I love you, am thankful for every moment and am exited to continue my journey with you. 


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