Monday, February 10, 2014

Turning thirty is the best!

My birthday fell on a Thursday this year and was kept fairly low key since the party would be Saturday.  N and I had dinner at a sushi place near by that was really nice.
 Afterwards we stopped at The Chocolate Room and got a few small chocolates.  We wanted to stay for more but that would require having not already had dinner.  It was a great night, quiet and full of love.

Saturday was the party day!  In the morning N and I picked up the minivan I rented from Zipcar, a few ladies met at my apartment to drop off their party clothes and then drive up to Spa Castle.  After a quick false start we were on our way.  The traffic gods were kind and we got there in about a half an hour and found parking right away.  The last three ladies met us at Spa Castle since they were coming from a bit closer by.  

The eight of us spent a fantastically relaxing day a Spa Castle.  We chatted, had food, swam and soaked and had a really great time.  Being in the rooftop pools in February was really a treat.  

We headed out about 7pm.  You might say that was where the adventure began.  Our van was a bit stuck in the snow but with a little rocking we managed to get out - only to find that the rear right tire was flat.  Roadside assistance was not really much help to us.  They quoted us an hour and a half wait.  Upon first inspection there was no spare in the van, but then a rep called back after checking the manual and finding that it was in the middle of the van under two layers of carpeting.  

Thank goodness we had E with us and she changed the tire like a rockstar.  The rest of our trip was uneventful, thankfully.  Once back at the apartment E & C had to turn back around and leave which was so sad, but having them really made the day wonderful.

There were already a few people at the house waiting for us, since we were an hour later than expected.  We changed quickly and got our Classy as F*ck Party on.  Everyone looked so wonderful!  N and Alx had decorated and the apartment and it looked wonderful!  We had such a lovely time.  About a half hour in I was herded into the living room and handed a stuffed owl with a note attached and... well.. here, you can watch... (or click here and link right to YouTube)

Incase you don't watch the video, let's just say I got to be 30, 11 and incredibly loved all at the same time.

After I got a chance to breathe was when everyone went around and told a story about me or why they loved me.  It was so incredible and I am still living off that high.  

Thank you again to all of you that were there to celebrate and everyone there in spirit.  30 is really my favorite so far.  


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