Friday, April 18, 2014

Late night thoughts

It has been a real whirlwind being back at work. It feels good. I like feeling like I know what I am doing with any given moment and that I have outcomes to work toward. I have been extremely exhausted and am sure tomorrow will be no different. In addition to another opener, it's a full shift. Plus side? It's Saturday. Taco Truck day! 

I haven't don't any workin' out since last I said. But I did just find a few more things on Pinterest that are small, easy and don't involve hands and arms which is a plus. 

Also, I have to say I'm really liking having not weighed in and the idea of not weighing in this week either. I feel less fear, dread, panic and shame. I dig that a lot. I'm toying with a monthly weigh in to keep an eye on where I'm at. 

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